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Avaya INDeX DT5 Phone

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  • Avaya INDeX DT5 Phone
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Avaya INDeX DT5 Phone Features

The Avaya INDeX DT5 is an advanced Direct Station Select digital feature phone.

Features include receive and make page, Large LCD screen with INDeX Dialling, Visual Voice Mail, onhook dialling, handsfree speech, monitor and headset compatibility.

Avaya INDex DT5 Key Features

  • Message Waiting Light
  • Live Keypad/Onhook Dialling
  • Large LCD with INDeX Dialling
  • Visual Voice Mail
  • Monitor
  • Receive & Make Page
  • Handsfree Speech
  • DSS (Direct Station Select)
  • Context Sensitive Keys
  • Headset Capability

Additional Information

Features on the Avaya INDeX DT5 Phone

On-Hook Dialling, Speaker & Answer Release

    On all DT phones you can dial and hear the call progress without using the handset (known as "on-hook dialling"). Pressing the ANSWER RELEASE key has the same effect as lifting or replacing the handset.
    When answered, on a DT4 you must use the handset to speak. On DT3 and DT5 phones you can continue the call without using the handset, ie. handsfree.

Tones & Ringing
The phone uses various tones and rings to indicate events. A sample of these appears below. You can alter the ringer volume, sound, switch it on/off, etc.
Incoming Calls:

  • Repeated Single Ring: Internal call.
  • Repeated Double Ring: External call.
  • Repeated Triple Ring: System or personal alarm.
  • Single Tone: Page call.
    During Calls:
  • Repeated Double Pip: You have set a camp on.
  • Repeated Single Pip: Another extension is about to intrude or has intruded on your call.
    Making Calls:
  • Dial Tone: Dial number.
  • Broken Dial Tone: Phone on divert or no calls.
  • Repeated Tone: Busy number.
  • Triple Tone: Call diverting to external number.
  • Continuous Tone: Number called unobtainable or set to no calls. Phone locked or barred.

    Making Internal Calls
    During the call, the display shows the call progress. You can also make calls using the INDeX feature (see below) or DSS keys.
    To dial an internal call:
    1. Dial the extension number. A triple-tone means that extension is diverting calls to an external number.
    2. If unanswered, your phone provides options to wait or notify the extension.
    3. If answered, use the handset (DT4) or work handsfree.
    – If your phone displays a RINGER option then the called extension is set to automatically connect internal calls.
    Press RINGER to send a reminder ring if no one has answered the call.

    Making External Calls
    The system may apply call barring to some or all external numbers.
    To dial an external call:
    1. Dial 9 to get an external line. Your System Manager will inform you if you need to dial a different number.
    – If "ENTER ACCOUNT" appears.
    – If "ENTER PIN" appears.
    2. Dial the external telephone number.
    – If "CALL BARRED" appears check with your system manager.
    3. When answered, use the handset (DT4) or work handsfree.
    To redial the last external number used:
    1. Press REDIAL to repeat the last external number used (including speed dials).

    Storing Personal Speed Dials
    To store a personal speed dial:
    1. Press PROGRAM and then SPEED DIAL.
    2. Enter the phone's passcode.
    3. The display shows 0-9 OR DSS KEY. Press the number (0 to 9) or DSS key under which you want to store the speed dial.
    4. The display shows the current stored number (if set). Press DELETE and dial the number.
    – If external, prefix 9 to the number, this is the normal number to seize an external line. Your System Manager will inform you if you have to add a different prefix before external numbers.
    5. When finished, press DONE.
    6. Select another store or press PROGRAM to finish.


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