Avaya 9620 IP Telephone - (700426711)

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Avaya 9620 IP Phone - Refurbished GRADE 1 + 12 months warranty

The office standard within the Avaya one-X™ Deskphone Edition family, the Avaya 9620 IP Telephone is a streamlined, IP ready state of the art deskphone for the modern 'Everyday' business user. Suitable for reception, offices, meeting rooms and annexes, the 9620 IP is perfect for busy internal users.

A generous high resolution backlit display supports call appearance and easy navigation. A built-in web browser enhances productivity through access to directories, visitor information, news and events. The attractive modern features of the 9600 IP series telephone include superior audio quality, context sensitive user interfaces, one-touch feature access and a high resolution graphical display.

Further enhancements can be achieved through the flexible modular design, with support for add-on modules, adapters. Customisation options include faceplates, background display images and screen savers. The Avaya 9620 IP Phone is only compatible with the Avaya Communication Manager platform, also incorporating Multivantage Express (MVE).

Avaya 9620 IP Phone Features

  • Ideal for offices and meeting spaces
  • Avaya one-X™ system standard deskphone
  • Access to Email And Instant Messaging functions
  • High resolution backlit display
  • Call appearance for everyday users
  • System linked advanced information applications
  • Built-in web browser with 4 direction browser buttons
  • Directory, Information, News and Events browsing
  • One touch feature access
  • VOIP communication platform
  • Superior audio quality
  • Avaya Communication Manager platform - Multivantage Express (MVE)
  • Built on open standards with modular upgrades
  • Extended visual customisation options
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