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Avaya Business Series Terminal T7316E Digital Phone - NEW

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Avaya T7316e Business Series Telephone also known as the BT T7316e is the executive telephone in the T series range. The Avaya T7316e telephone comes with all the buttons and features you will need in order for you run your office as efficient as you can. The Avaya T7316e phone has a tilting two level LCD display that also has a Red indicator which flashes when there is an incoming call or stays constant when you have a voicemail. Below the screen you three keys, these become whatever is displayed on the bottom of the screen, this will change depending on what you are doing. Below these keys you have the HOLD Button FEATURE Button and the RLS Button. 

The Feature button is the button you will need to press in order for any of the features to work. The HOLD button simply puts the caller on hold and to retrieve the caller you simply press the button that is flashing. The RLS button simply releases what you are doing either you have the receiver in your hand or on the telephone. Below these keys you have the dialling pad where you would dial from, you then have the volume bar followed by three more keys and they are the MUTE key, SPEAKER Key and the HEADSET Key. These keys once pressed will do what is indicated on them.

You then have eight keys without display and 16 keys with display and these are normally used either as line keys, Feature keys or Internal extension keys. The top eight keys are normally programmed as either features or external numbers.

The Avaya T7316e telephone is full hands free telephone and also comes with a headset port. The Avaya T7316e phone comes in two colours Charcoal or Platinum and you are also able to hang onto a wall by simply taking the back bracket off and spinning it around.

Avaya / Avaya T7316E Features

  • Modular Design: Allows the T7316E phone to be deployed anywhere as a feature-rich standalone solution; or, by adding the T24 Key Indicator Module, as a Central Answering Position for efficient call routing.
  • Integrated busy lamp field/Direct station select: Increases customer satisfaction while improving operator efficiency by utilizing multi-segment icons for accurate and efficient routing of customer inquiries.
  • Audio control center: Simplifies telephone operation by clustering common audio features for fast and precise toggle action between handset, headset, and speaker.
  • Built-in speaker: Improves communication by providing hands-free audio capability for multi-tasking and group participation.
  • Menu-driven display with soft keys: Provides users with an intuitive interface for fast and accurate access to system features.


Avaya T7316E Telephone User Guide / Manual

Avaya T7316e Telephone User Guide

Available Downloads

Avaya BCM Telephone user guide



Using Display Buttons
Display buttons change with each feature you use. The labels for display button appear in capital letters directly above them on the second line of the display.

Button Inquiry
Confirm that your memory button has the correct snap-on cap by checking its programming

  • 1. Rlease all calls and open lines with dial tones.
  • 2. Press FEATURE Key followed by X then 0.
  • 3. Read the display
  • 4. Press FEATURE Key when finished.

Adgusting display contrast

  • 1. Press Feature X then 7.
  • 2. Press 1 to 9 for the level you want

Selecting a ring type and volume on your T7316e Phone

  • 1. Press FEATURE X then 6.
  • 2. Press 1, 2, 3, or 4 to hear the differant types of rings.
  • 3. While the telephone is ringing press volume up or down to adjust the volume.
  • 4. Press FEATURE to store the ring

Adjusting recevier or telephone speaker volume

  • 1. Press volume up or down when using the reciver or the speaker.

To Hold a call

  • 1. Press HOLD
  • 2. Press HOLD again to return to the call on hold. Check the display for confermation or additional information.

Making Calls

system can have different types of line buttons. Match the line buttons on your telephone with the ones below for instructions on how to use them.

Internal calls using intercom buttons

  • 1. Pickup the receiver.
  • 2. When right arrow appears beside an extension button, then dial.

External calls using numbered line buttons

  • 1. Pickup the reciver
  • 2. When right arrow appears beside a numbered line button, then dial OR Press a numbered line button without right arrow, then dial.

Dialing without lifting the handset

  • 1. Press line button without indicator arrow, then dial your call.
  • 2. When answered, pickup the reciver, or press HANDSFREE/MUTE.
  • 3. If the call is not answered, or the line is busy, press RLS.

Programming Memory Button

External Autodial

  • 1. If you are on a call or an open line with dial tone, press HOLD or RLS.
  • 2. Press FEATURE X then 1.
  • 3. Dial the external number.
  • 4. Press HOLD to store the number
  • 5. Label your new button.

Internal Autodial

  • 1. If you are on a call or an open line with dial tone, press HOLD or RLS.
  • 2. Press FEATURE X then 2.
  • 3. Dial the internal number.
  • 4. Label your new button.


  • 1. If you are on a call or an open line with dial tone, press HOLD or RLS.
  • 2. Press FEATURE X then 3.
  • 3. Press FEATURE and the feature code.
  • 4. Label your new button.

Erasing memory buttons

  • 1. If your on a call or an open line with dial tone , press HOLD or RLS>
  • 2. Press FEATURE X then 1.
  • 3. Press HOLD to erase the button.

Changing Time and Date on your Meridian Modular or Compact Plus Telephone system.

  • 1. Press Feature x x 8463 (x x TIME) you should have Password displayed on your telephone.
  • 2. Enter 22742 (BASIC) or 23646 (ADMIN) you now should have Hour on your display.
  • 3. Now press Change and enter the correct hours using the key pad
  • 4. Press NEXT and you should have Minutes displayed on your telephone, now press CHANGE and enter the correct Minutes.
  • 5. Press NEXT and you should have Year displayed on your telephone, now press CHANGE and enter the correct Year.
  • 6. Press NEXT and you should have Month displayed on your telephone, now press CHANGE and enter the correct Month.
  • 7. Press NEXT and you should have Day displayed on your telephone, now press CHANGE and enter the correct Day.
  • 8. Now you will have ---End of List--- displayed on your screen, you can now press Rls or handset down button to come out of programming.
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