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BT Versatility V16 Featurephone

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The BT Versatility V16 Featurephone and the BT Versatility telephone system is a flexible telephone system as the extensions can also be used with a standard telephones, answering machines, faxes etc.

The BT Versatility V16 Phone is only compatible with the BT Versatility Telephone system. The BT Versatility V16 Phone is not suitable for home use.

BT Versatility V16 Telephone Features

Large backlit display
16 programmable keys for lines, extensions of features
Full handsfree
Message waiting light
Data port
Headset socket

BT Versatility V16 Featurephone User Guide/Manual

BT Versatility V16 Featurephone User Guide/Manual

Additional Information

Benefits and features

With a range of sets including the V Phone, V8, V16, XP expansion console, and the internet protocol V-IP Featurephone, BT Versatility has a phone to suit every user’s needs.

Hands-free capability
Offering superb audio quality in both handset and hands-free mode, these phones allow you to carry on a conversation without having to pick up the phone.

Menu-driven interface
Simple menus guide you every step of the way and can help even the occasional user to get things done better and faster than before.

Programmable keys
These can be programmed as lines, extensions or frequently used features. Everything you need can be accessed with just one key.

One-touch keys
These provide shortcuts to everyday features and functions, including:

  • Phone programming – to customise the phone to suit the way you work.
  • Messaging – for quick access to voicemail and display messaging.
  • Directory Key – to look up numbers in 500 system directories and individual phone directories.

    Two-colour line appearance keys
    A backlit key for each line connected to the system gives a clear indication as to which lines are in use.

    Headset port
    Automatically detects when a headset is connected. Ideal for receptionists and other users who spend most of their time on the phone. Great for people who need to keep their hands free to access files or use their PC while on calls.

    Modem port
    Allows additional analogue devices to be connected, including modems and DECT (digital enhanced cordless telecommunications) extensions.

    Call indicator
    Gives a visual indication of incoming calls – ideal for noisy areas or people with impaired hearing.

    Calling Line Identification
    Your Featurephone display can tell you who is calling. It will show the caller’s number or extension and for callers listed in the system directory, it can also display the caller’s name.

    Auto-answer mode
    You can pick up a call without having to touch anything – very useful when you’re rummaging through files, or moving about your office.

    Other frequently used features:
  • Saved number redial
  • Hold
  • Transfer
  • Conference
  • Page all/selected featurephone
  • Do not disturb
  • Divert calls
  • Call pickup
  • Reminder call
  • Missed calls log

    Remote extensions
    With the help of the Broadband Module PLUS you can use the V-IP Featurephone to connect IP extensions that can be used anywhere in the office, branch office or home allowing the extension number to travel with it
  • Wall mountable
1 Year