Eartec Office 250D Large Ear Cup Easyflex Boom Headset

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Eartec Office 250D Large Ear Cup Easyflex Boom Headset

The Eartec Office 250D Large Ear Cup headset is designed for noisy environments. This headset has large soft leatherette ear pads which cover all your ears cutting out most of the background noise also giving you maximum comfort. The microphone is housed in a plastic moulding allowing the mic to face you so all background noise is emitted.

Headset Features:

  • Large Ear Cups: A special large ear cups design offers you an invaluable ear space giving you maximum comfort. This design also cuts out more office noise than the standard ear cushion.
  • Flexible Microphone Boom: The noise cancelling microphone is installed at the end of a very flexible boom allowing you to position the mic where it is convenient for you. The arm is able to rotate 320 degrees allowing you to have the arm on your left or right ear.
  • Headband: You can rest assured that this headset will fit all types with its extra wide headband. Easily adjustable headband makes the eartec 250D perfect for all types of users.
  • Super Soft Leather Cushion: An impeccable premium quality super soft leather cushion material is also fitted into the entire structure of this device that comes in contact with your head, ensuring that you have unbridled comfort and a seamlessly convenient and frictionless

Headset Specification


  • Drive Style: Dynamic (Moving-Coiled)
  • Outer Diameter: φ40mm
  • Resistance: 32Ω+/-20%
  • Frequency response: 100hz-9k
  • Rated Input Power : 30mW
  • Power Handling Peak : 100mw


  • Size: φ9.7mm*5mm
  • Drive Style: Capacitive
  • Directivity: Uni-Directional
  • Frequency Range : 100hz-10khz.
  • Mic Arm Length:20cm。
  • Cable Length to QD:85cm.
  • Connector:Plantronics QD
  • Cable Outer Diameter:2.6mm
  • With Volume Control and Mic Mute
  • Weight:110g.
  • Package:221mm*188mm*84mm.
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