Eartec Office Pro 750D Binaural/Monaural Flex Boom Headset

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Eartec Office PRO750D Binaural/Monaural Flex Boom Headset

The Eartec Office Pro 750D is committed to push the boundaries of this unique headset design and engineering, both at the contact centre and the office. With cutting edge technology, the Eartec Office Pro 750D is able to perform as a monaural or binaural headset with a simple press of a switch, without compromising on its sound. This unique design simplifies the purchasing of different types of headsets, avoiding any confusion.
Eartec Office Pro 750D offers incredible razor-sharp HD sound whether it is being used as a single or double ear headset at both ends of the call.

Super lightweight and durable

Ultra-noise cancelling microphone

Acoustic shock protected

Reinforced cord

Adjustable headband

HD Sound/Wideband frequency

2 year warranty

CE approved

2 Year's