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Nortel BCM 32 Digital Extension Media Bay

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Digital station media bay module

The digital station media bay modules (DSM) support digital telephones on the BCM system. This section describes the DSM16(+) and DSM32(+) MBMs

The DSMs have the following characteristics:

  • DSM16(+) — supports 16 digital telephones through one RJ-21 connector. Set the double density switch to enable the DSM to carry 16 extensions over a half DS30 bus. If required, install a second DSM16(+) and set the double density switch to occupy the second half of the DS30 bus to expand the number of extensions to 32.
  • DSM32(+) — supports 32 digital telephones through two RJ-21 connectors. A DSM32(+) operating in single-density mode occupies two DS30 buses. Set the double density switch to enable the DSM to carry 32 extensions over a single DS30 bus.

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