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Nortel BCM 4 Port BRI Media Bay

£272.00 (Ex. VAT)
£326.40 (Inc. VAT)
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The basic rate interface media bay module (BRIM) connects a maximum of four BRI ISDN loops to the BCM system. The BRIM only recognizes the T-interface used in European networks. To use the BRIM with the U-interface, typical in North American networks, you require an external NT1 box to convert the U-interface to a T-interface.
Each BRI ISDN loop you connect adds two telephone lines to the BCM system. Therefore, each BRIM adds a maximum of eight lines to the BCM system through the four RJ-48C jacks on the faceplate. The LEDs beside each RJ-48C jack are on when the ISDN line is active

Additional Information

Nortel BRIM faceplate

  • 1st LED - Power
  • 2nd LED - Status
  • 3rd LED - First Loop
  • 4th LED - Second Loop
  • 5th LED - Third Loop
  • 6th LED - Fourth Loop
1 Year