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Nortel BCM Digital Trunk Media Bay

£750.00 (Ex. VAT)
£900.00 (Inc. VAT)
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The digital trunk media bay module (DTM) connects to a standard digital PRI ISDN line using either a digital or PRI line. The DTM also supports DASS2, DPN22, Q.SIG, and MCDN over ISDN:

  • On International BCM systems, the DTM connects an ETSI ISDN (E1) or PRI (EI) circuit to the BCM system, providing a maximum of 30 digital channels to the PSTN.

    The front bezel of the DTM has an RJ-48C connector that connects the DTM to the service provider connection point. The faceplate also has a set of monitor jacks you can use to monitor the span.
    There are six additional LEDs on the front of the DTM.

    Additional Information

    LED Status Descriptions

  • 1st LED - Power
  • 2nd LED - Status
  • 3rd LED - In service Flashing The T1, ETSI, or PRI trunks are out of service because a loopback test is running or the DTM is initializing.
  • 4th LED - Loopback test On A continuity loopback test is running.
  • 5th set of LED's - Receive alarm On A problem with the received digital transmission. This half-duplex link does not work.
  • 5th set of LED's - Receive error On A small error as a result of degraded digital transmission. Possible causes are an ohmic connection, water ingress, or too long a loop.
  • 6th set of LED's - Transmit alarm On The DTM cannot transmit. The DTM sends an alarm indication signal (AIS) to the terminating switch. This half-duplex link does not work.
  • 6th set of LED's - Transmit error On The DTM is sending a remote alarm indication (RAI) carrier failure alarmbr>
    (CFA) to the terminating switch. If the transmit alarm is not on, this error indicates a far-end or cable problem. All LEDs Flashing The DTM is initializing.
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