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Nortel Business Series Terminal T7000 Digital Phone - REFURB

£15.00 (Ex. VAT)
£18.00 (Inc. VAT)
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The Nortel Business Series Terminal T7000 or well known as the BT M7000 Telephone is an basic entry level telephone which will only work on th Compact or Modular Plue software telephone system.

You are also able to connect it to all types of BCM 50, 200, 400 and 450 telephone systems. Buying the T7000 from Comm-Links at probably the cheapest price on the net is very reassuring.


  • Only compatible for Modular / Compact Plus Systems
  • Incoming call indicator
  • 4 programmable keys
  • Handsfree dialling
  • Full  features
  • Volume control
  • Wall mountable
  • 1 colour (Platinum)
  • Condition: Refurb


Nortel Business Series Terminal T7000 Telephone User Guide/Manual

Norte T7000 Telephone User Guide/Manual

Usefull Features For Your Nortel T7000 Telephone

Make a Call
- Lift the receiver, wait to hear dial tone then enter number through the keypad.

Answer a call
- Simply lift the receiver and speak.

Adjust Volume
- While the telephone is ringing or you are talking to your caller you can then adjust the volume using the volume bar just below the keypad.

Adjust ringer volume
- Press FEATURE - X - 80 then tap the volume bar to increase or decrees.

- Press HOLD Button.

Answer second call
- In order for you to answer a second call you must put the first caller on hold, then put your receiver on it cradle and then pick it up to answer the second call.

Toggle Between Calls
- Press HOLD Key.

Call Transfer
- Press FEATURE 70 while on a call, then enter the extension number you want to transfer to.

Last Number Redial
- Press FEATURE then 5.

Call Forward
- Press FEATURE 4 then enter the internal extension number. If you need to forward to an external number then dial 9 before your telephone number so it can pickup a line.

Cancel Call Forward
- Press FEATURE # 4.

Conference Call
- Make or answer the first call, then put them HOLD. Make the second call while talking to them press FEATURE – 3 then three way conference will be established.

- Press FEATURE 631.

Call Park
- Press FEATURE 74.

Retrieve a parked call
- Press 101 or 102 depending whether you want to pick up the first or second call.

Call Pickup
- Press FEATURE 75.

Access Massages
- Press FEATURE 65.

1 Year