Nortel IP Phone 1200 12 Key Expansion Module

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Nortel IP Phone 1200 12 Key Expansion Module

The Expansion Module for the IP Phone 1200 Series 12 key is an accessory to the IP Phone 1200 Series portfolio, which delivers investment protection and user flexibility through increased scalability and feature access. Choose from an 18-Key LED (Light Emitting Diode) KEM that comes with paper labels or a 12-Key LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) KEM that is self-labeling which are both supported on the IP Phone 1220 and 1230.

Key Features:

  • Ergonomic - vertical design frees up space on employees’ desks
  • Easy to Install - comes with a flexible positioning stand and integrated wall mount for easier installation
  • Choice - Has programmable softkeys and/or printable labels (for the 18 Key LED KEM)
  • No additional Power required - power is provided through PoE
  • Scalable - 12 key LCD KEM cascades up to 7 modules and 18 Key LED KEM expands up to 2 modules

    Additional Information

    Installing the IP Phone 1200 12 key Expansion Modules

        1, Remove power from IP Phone.

        2, Remove the foot stand from the IP Phone.

        3, At the back of the IP Phone, remove the rubber plug from the accessory Expansion Module (AEM) port.

        4, Plug the 10-pin cable from the expansion module into the AEM prot on the back of the IP Phone. Align the red line on the cable with the triangular mark next to the AEM port.

        5, Place the connection arm of the Expansion Module behind th IP Phone and align the Expansion Module connection tabs with the connecting slot on the back of the IP Phone.

        6, Press the Expansion Module and IP Phone Firmly Together until the Expansion Module Locks into place.

        7, Ip connecting another Expansion Module, repeat step3 to 6. A second expansion Module is attached to the right side of the first Expansion Module.

    Attaching the foot stand
        8, Align the bottom tabs on the foot stands with the position1 slot or in position 2 slot on the back of the Expansion Module and IP Phone, and snap the foot stand into place.

        9, Ensure that the tab on the Expansion Module foot stand is under the tab on the IP Phone foot stand.
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