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Nortel Norstar BST T7100 Digital Phone - GRADE A

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Nortel Norstar BST T7100 Digital Phone - GRADE A (No visible marks or discolouring)

Nortel Norstar T7100 Phone or also known as the Nortel Meridian Norstar T7100 Telephone is a single-line display telephone designed for public areas such as lobbies, work kitchens, hallways, break office, or other locations where use is occasional. Buying the T7100 from Comm-links is very reassuring and we are one of the cheapest on the net.

Target Audience for the Nortel Norstar T7100 Phone

Companies who want an easy-to-use, functional set in low traffic areas should consider the Nortel Norstar T7100.

Applications for the Norstar T7100 Phone

The Meridian Norstar T7100 is well suited in areas such as office kitchens, lobbies, back offices, or waiting rooms.

Nortel Meridian Norstar T7100 Phone Features

  • One programmable button provides access to any department or person.
  • Tilt-display with integrated Visual Ring/Message Waiting Indicator enables optimum viewing.
  • 16-character LCD window provides viewable date, time and caller information.
  • Compatible with Norstar and Business Communication Manager systems (BCM).
  • Available in 2 colours (Platinum and Charcoal)

Nortel Norstar T7100 User Guide / Manual

Nortel T7100 User Guide and Manual



Button Inquiry
Confirm that your memory button has the correct snap-on cap by checking its programming

  • 1. Rlease all calls and open lines with dial tones.
  • 2. Press FEATURE Key followed by X then 0.
  • 3. Read the display
  • 4. Press FEATURE Key when finished.

    Adgusting display contrast

  • 1. Press Feature X then 7.
  • 2. Press 1 to 9 for the level you want

    Selecting a ring type and volume

  • 1. Press FEATURE X then 6.
  • 2. Press 1, 2, 3, or 4 to hear the differant types of rings.
  • 3. While the telephone is ringing press volume up or down to adjust the volume.
  • 4. Press FEATURE to store the ring

    Adjusting recevier or telephone speaker volume

  • 1. Press volume up or down when using the reciver or the speaker.

    To Hold a call

  • 1. Press HOLD
  • 2. Press HOLD again to return to the call on hold. Check the display for confermation or additional information.

    Programming Memory Button

    External Autodial
  • 1. If you are on a call or an open line with dial tone, press HOLD or RLS.
  • 2. Press FEATURE X then 1.
  • 3. Dial the external number.
  • 4. Press HOLD to store the number
  • 5. Label your new button.

    Internal Autodial
  • 1. If you are on a call or an open line with dial tone, press HOLD or RLS.
  • 2. Press FEATURE X then 2.
  • 3. Dial the internal number.
  • 4. Label your new button.

  • 1. Ifyou are on a call or an open line with dial tone, press HOLD or RLS.
  • 2. Press FEATURE X then 3.
  • 3. Press FEATURE and the feature code.
  • 4. Label your new button.

    Erasing memory buttons
  • 1. If your on a call or an open line with dial tone , press HOLD or RLS>
  • 2. Press FEATURE X then 1.
  • 3. Press HOLD to erase the button.

    Change TIME by one hour
  • 1. To change the time on you telephone you need to press Feature x x 225, then yes to forward it by one hour.
  • 2. If you require the time to go back by one hour you press Feature x x 393, then the OK button.

1 Year