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Plantronics VistaPlus DM15E Amplifier

£125.20 (Ex. VAT)
£150.24 (Inc. VAT)
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The Plantronics VistaPlus DM15 Digital Amplifier with it's SoundGuard Digital functionality, monitors daily personal noise exposure and is automatically controlled to aid compliance with new EU legislation. Constantly on guard, SoundGuard Digital also identifies and eliminates sudden loud sounds, to avoid user discomfort. Plantronics Call Clarity Digital combines a range of techniques to enhances sound quality. It's automatic volume leveler maintains a constant listening volume, regardless of incoming call loudness. Selective frequency-response shaping maximizes speech intelligibility, whilst phone-line noise is also reduced.

  • SoundGuard Digital acoustic protection:
  • Anti-startle processing to remove sudden, loud sounds.
  • Daily personal noise exposure control.
  • Call Clarity Digital for optimum sound quality:
  • Enhanced speech intelligibility with selective frequency-response shaping.
  • Phone-line noise reduction.
  • Automatic Volume leveller.
  • Volume, mute and tone controls.
  • Compatible with all major business phone systems
  • Compatible with all Plantronics Call Centre and Office headsets
  • Headset / handset switch
  •  Battery or mains powered
1 Year Warranty