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Polycom SoundStation2 EX expandable conference phone

£145.00 (Ex. VAT)
£174.00 (Inc. VAT)
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A1 Refurbished Polycom Soundsatation 2 Expandable conference phone come's with a one year's warranty.

SoundStation2 EX is a perfect entry level conference telephone for your business, suitable for use in small to medium-sized conference rooms using your analogue line or extension.

SoundStation2 EX features

Acoustic Clarity Technology

Polycom’s legendary technology that automatically allows people on both sides of the call to speak at the same time.

Enhanced User Interface

A backlit LCD display and three soft keys make the phone very easy to use. Caller related information such as CallerID is easy to read and the built-in phonebook and speed dial list can hold up to 25 entries.

Multi-Language Support

Set the phone up to display the Language that you are most comfortable with. Choose from English, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese.

Enhanced Connectivity Options

Simply Connect a pair of extension microphones to the telephone to extend the microphone pickup range.

Polycom Soundstation2 EX (Mic's not included)

  • Full duplex operation
  • Fully expandable
  • Ideal for up to 20 people
  • Full 360-degree room coverage with 3 microphones
  • Digitally tuned speaker
  • Liquid crystal display
  • Built-in keypad
  • Mute
  • Recall
  • Easy to install
  • Charcoal
  • 1 year repair/replace warranty
1 Year